Saturday, February 23, 2013

how we got started

Well your right the search for truth is a funny yet amazing thing when you find it. First step as Brother Jospeh said " you must be willing to set aside all the traditoins of your fathers" just that simple, 
As for how we got started it began with a lot of scripture study, soul searching, and prayer. I slowly introduced the idea by planting the seed that, she should go out to dinner with a guy friend (she was 21 when we got married) so I wanted her to experience what she might of missed. I asked her if she did who would be? I promised not to get upset, and that I didn't really feel like we were truly best friends cause she tells things to her girl friends she never would tell me. I said I do the same thing with my guy friends even if it was just about old times or whatever. As she warmed up to the idea to dinner (nothing else) she reached out to a couple of friends from High school. Then I explained (after weeks and weeks of prep) what God had revealed to me. Wow! she thought I had lost my mind, wouldn't talk to me about it ever. Then I asked her "OK let's imagine that putting all relgion aside and there was no penalty involved would she like to be free with other men? she said Yeah but it's wrong. ... Ok I asked her "What was Law before the Law of MOses or 10 commandments? from Adam til Moses? she didn't know, then I told her about apostle Paul. We studied for sometime, she still thought I lost my mind. So after 2-3 months of conversation and study I told her to go pray about it. She did and was shocked at the answer she got. Then she said it was for after this life not now.
I shared with her another qoute by Joseph, "If God gave us commandments on this earth, isn't it our duty to live them? If he wanted us to live them after He would of waited to tell us......
Our communication has drastically improved. and so has our love, jealousy isn't an issue anymore cause now we can really talk openly. Liberating!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All that I have is yours.... all that you have is mine

The good Lord has said "All that I have is yours" wouldn't it be expected "all that you have is mine?" in our fathers house there is no jealousy, and where there is no jealousy there is no remorse. What a beautiful concept that the lord offers you no regrets. No regrets in this life or in the life to come, have you had a past love that you lost? have you wondered if you would see them again in heaven? The answer is simple "YES" of course, when one comes to the true understanding of God, where there is no jealousy there is no loss of love, he shares all that he has and expects the same, this is how we truly love our neighbors as ourselves. When we learn we are all connected through love in Christ we are free. We learn to love as the God's and see as the God's, it was the Romans and the Greeks, who after receiving the  truth turned again to lust. We are set free from the bondage of the body through the spirit. The spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering etc. it is the light of Christ. What was the Law before the 10 commandments? from Adam til Moses what was the Law?

Friday, September 16, 2011


Dear friends who seek what is truth? Over the past 39 years of my life I have been told "what to do and if you don't do it God will smite you for stepping out of line" Well all this is true, now let us consider who Christ was and how he lived, and how he taught us to love our neighbor as thyself, What does that mean? Is sharing your spouse with your consent a sin? Who told you adultery was wrong? Was it not the Law of Moses? So what was the Law be fore Moses, and in what Law did Christ fulfill if not the Law of Moses? So if the Law of Moses was a carnal law to set the Israelites in strict command, how much longer will you hold onto the Law.  Christs command was to love all did not his atonement set us free?
Your spirit needs the body to have a fullness of joy, but be careful of how that joy is expressed. If you do it without the credit given to God who suffered all sins, and continue to serve one another and feed one another is this not peace. But far to many fall into the gratifying their own flesh and care not for those they partook. Let us remember we are justified in loving the body of Christ of which body you are.  Consider if we are all married and sealed in Christ we are all married and in there is no sin. If you eat to gratify yourself then you have committed adultery. Love and serve one another and you will see him. Feed the hungry care for the naked. When you do this you walk as Christ did.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well there seems to be a growing curiosity amongst Mormon's or LDS people about the subject of swinging and if it is wrong.  I am here to tell you that what you feel is not wrong nor should it be submerged, but it should be understood in the right spirit.
I am a life long member very active and a RM I have devoted much of my spare time to understanding of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Since I have spent years studying the subject i'm not quit sure where to start and be able to keep all others up to speed, without losing you through scripture references and further light and knowledge.  So let me say I am married 6 years I have 3 wonderful children who understand the importance of prayer and God in their own lives. I have no intention to deceive my own children nor any others seeking  answers to why they feel torn between what they have been taught their whole lives by either parents a well meaning Bishop or any other figure of leadership involved in their lives.  As I started my path of searching I pondered what was the Law before the law of Moses? (or 10 commandments) did not the lord send Moses down the first time with a law but he people were not ready to receive it? so he went back and received the 10 commandments. But these commandments restricted us and put the House of Israel under bondage. For what purpose did the lord do this? For his own purpose to establish Zion among his people.
So I will begin by asking all of you LDS curious members a question: Do you believe all is well in Zion? I would ask the obvious what is Zion but we know that to be the "pure in heart" .  Do we not teach in our church that Christ says "all that I have is yours?" should we not assume that all that I have will be his? and the real question is where does the sharing stop?
At the birth of Christ did not God consummated the Lord Jesus through Mary? was not that same Mary given to Joseph?
 As the lord teaches in D&C 67:10" when you remove all JEALOUSIES, fears, and doubts then you shall see me and know that I am." Jealousy is fear, a fear of losing something we posses or assume we posses. So are we all not married in Christ? Romans 7:4.